lördag 5 mars 2011

Lupe Fiasco LASERS

As I am writing this I am listening to one of my most anticipated albums of the last 2 or so years. The third studio albums of Lupe Fiasco. I had almost completely managed to avoid the leaks until I could hear the album as a whole solid work. I had listened to The show goes on a few times and Word I never said once. I love both songs but they and Till I get there are the only songs that I bump now after listening to LASERS for nearly two days. Beautiful lasers could probably be viewed as a good song but I didn't like it.

Lupe blames Atlantic records for forcing him to dumb it down, holding him hostage and even telling him what beats he should record on and the hook on it. I see this as a half truth. It is very hard to believe that lupe wasn't allowed to really go all out on lyrically on at least one or two songs, which I don't feel like he did. He certainly wasn't reaching his full potential like he did on his first two albums. It feels like Lupe has been untrue to his fans, forcing them to demonstrate and saying that LASERS would be revolutionary and then releasing this crap and blaming it on Atlantic.

I just reached the most disgusting song on the entire album, Out of My Head ft Trey songz. During the verses Lupe declares his man love for trey. Want proof?

"Uh uh everything hooks, everything works
you ‘re a real good chorus I’m a real good verse
free style un-rehearsed
So pain, no curse
and when the songs gone..
man everything hurts"

Trey is singing the chorus and he is most likely a man. Lupe continues to describe is obsession of trey through out the whole song.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I have never really listened to Lupe Fiasco, but i will definetely stay away from this album :-)

  2. @Bent You should really listen to his earlier work.

  3. I gotta check out this album!

  4. cool! a lot of people told me about lupe fiasco... never listened to any of his stuff. gonna give it a try! :P

  5. I will check out this album when it's available somewhere!

  6. Friggin love it. Been listening for a while

  7. great post, keep sharing.